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Service Learning

Service to others is a core element of our students’ educational and spiritual experience. Unique in our approach, NFA’s comprehensive Service Learning curriculum is fully integrated into the curriculum. One site visit is in the fall, and another in the spring.

Since 2001, Service Learning continues to empower students in impacting the lives of others and the earth while developing sensitivity towards others and an awareness of social injustice.

Service Learning Program flows directly from the Vision and Mission of Norwood-Fontbonne Academy and makes visible the lived expression of the Vision and Mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, “We live and work so that all people may be united with God and one another.”

NFA’s Service Learning is a comprehensive program of preparation, action, and reflection where students live Gospel values by meeting the needs of others and our earth:

Teachers prepare students and present materials to raise consciousness, guest speakers from Service Learning sites providing further awareness, and students engaging in role playing as they review behavioral protocol. Then students travel to their service learning sites where they engage in meaningful activity.

After their visit, students reflect upon and respond to their experiences through a variety of integrated projects and presentations. As they actively process the meaning of their service learning experiences, students develop a raised social consciousness and a lifelong commitment to personal and social justice.

Service Learning presents opportunities to form and build face-to-face relationships with persons students may not typically encounter. NFA students learn to appreciate, embrace, and honor the experiences of others.

Each of our service sites engages our students in service with various populations and focuses on unique justice issues.  The core of our Service Learning curriculum is Catholic Social Teaching and the emphasis on the rights of all and our responsibility to ensure these rights. 

Grade-level Service Learning

"...If you want become a big loving and caring person who wants to contribute to your community, start doing small things, then big things, and the next thing you know you are a bigger community helper than you would ever imagine. Thank you for listening."

– Bleek, Grade 7