Outreach at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy enables students and their families to connect, as a “dear neighbor”  in relationship with those in need in diverse settings and locations. Reaching out to others and living in unity with those in need are central to the mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, and in turn, to NFA. 

Opportunities for collections, projects, and prayer are offered throughout the school year. Many of these opportunities are the same from year to year, building upon the relationships the students and school community have cultivated through the Service Learning Program, Community Service Corps (CSC) and NFA Parents Association (NFAPA) outreach endeavors, and some are brand new, depending on the specific needs of others.

In recent years, outreach projects have included: 

  • Collection and packaging of  breakfast bags for DeSales Service Works as part of the Aid to Neighbors program twice a year
  • Raising funds through student-initiated projects to support the relief efforts for natural disasters through Catholic Relief Services
  • Gift-giving programs for Guadalupe Family Services in Camden, N.J., during the Christmas season
  • Operation Rice Bowl through Catholic Relief Services during Lent
  • Support for individual NFA families experiencing death, illness or crisis through meals prepared by NFA families, etc.

Our students are thoughtful and compassionate, inside and outside their classrooms, a result of learning to love inclusively at the earliest of ages. They put their faith into action by participating in face-to-face service, promote social justice and being civically engaged.