Soirée With The Sisters - Saturday, March 25

Soiree With The Sisters

On behalf of Norwood-Fontbonne Academy, we’d like to invite you to Soirée with the Sisters, our signature fundraising event featuring an exciting auction, dinner and dancing. This event will be honoring St. Joseph the Dreamer by raising money to fulfill many of our dreams at NFA. This year, we will be honoring Sister Roseann Tribuiani and Sister Marjorie Lawless for more than 70 combined years of service at NFA. 


Thank you so much for visiting our event page. The registration for Soiree with the Sisters is now closed. If you would still like to attend or have questions about the event, please email



Mr. and Mrs. Greg Aaron

Mr. Marc Alfarano and Laura Rivera Alfarano

Mr. and Mrs. Donahue Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bailey

Mrs. Janet Beerley & Ms. Carol Hampson

Sister Owen Bonner, SSJ

Mr. Bernard Buckley and Mrs. Natalia Dominguez Buckley

Mr. James Bussacco and Ms. Joyce Pentrenchak

Brother James Butler, FSC

Mr. and Mrs. Julian T. Canuso

Mrs. Denise Carnevale and Ms. Christina Carnevale

Ms. Maria Cilio

Mrs. Katie Ciolko

Drs. Jonathan Cohen and Mirusia Jablonski-Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. David Comerford

Ms. Shannon Craige

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cwietniewicz

Rev. Josiah Daniels

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Dezzi

Sister Karen Dietrich, SSJ

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. James Eiser

Sister Maureen Fichner, SSJ

Mr. and Mrs. David Forti

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Furletti

Mr. Stewart Graham

Mrs. Kelly Guller

Dr. John Grigger

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Harker

Mrs. Robbie Hain

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Harvey

Ms. Regina Hearn

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Henry

Sister Deborah Hughes, SSJ

Ms. Claudia Huot

Mr. and Mrs. Riker Jones

Sister Marjorie Keenan, SSJ

Sister Rita Kehoe, SSJ

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Kelly

Mr. Thomas Kenney

Ms. Emma Kershner

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kershner

Dr. Ryan Killeen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krandel

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kurtz

Sister Jean Laurich, SSJ

Mr. Joseph Lawless

Sister Marjorie Lawless, SSJ

Mrs. Sue Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lesovitz

Ms. Elizabeth Maloney '07

Mr. Andy and Dr. Caryne Mares

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Merkle

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Elizabeth Wood McCabe

Mr. and Mrs. Martin McCann

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McGrath

Mr. Thomas McGlinchey

Sister Kathy McShane, SSJ

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Nello Naticchione III

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Oldt

Mrs. Nancy Peluso

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Porcella

Mrs. Lianne Quinn

Mr. Ryan Saul

Mr. and Mrs. John Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schwenger

Sister Teresa M. Shaw, SSJ

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Simola

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simola

Sister Mary Skopals, SSJ

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Smith

Mr. and Mrs. David Smith

Mr. Chet Stachitas and Ms. Annie Harkins

Dr. Megan Stotz

Ms. Alexis Supple and Mr. Tom Hewczuk, Jr.

Mr. Cole Supple and Ms. Hilary Jensen

Ms. Maya Tippett

Sister Roseann Tribuiani, SSJ

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Walters

Drs. Michael and Sheila Weaver

Sister Barbara Winnals, SSJ

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wolpert

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Woolley

Mr. Steve Wood

Mrs. Linda Zinni