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NFAPA Gift Card Program

The ShopwithScrip program allows the NFA Parents Association (NFAPA) to purchase gift cards at an average 5% discount and resell them to our families at face value — an instant 5% profit for NFA.

As an incentive, NFAPA gives back 2% to 3% of your total order in the form of a rebate.  Best of all:  the NFAPA Gift Card Program Committee will track your rebates for you!  Twice a year, in January and May, participating families can redeem rebates for FREE Gift Cards!  Details are provided prior to “Rebate Day.”

A limited number of gift cards are in stock and can be ordered weekly using this form that you can download, print and send into school. You also can email your order to Remember to send your check either way! Orders placed before Monday at noon will be sent home the following Thursday.

You can also order gift cards online at  Upon your initial visit to the website, enter your family email you provided to NFA as your username, and “Forgot Password.”  You will be prompted to set up a personal password.  When you’re all set up, click on “Shop” and choose your gift cards.

There are limited numbers of cards in stock.  If you order from the In-Stock selection before Monday at noon, you are guaranteed to receive all of the cards you’ve ordered. 

Methods of Payments Accepted
Cash, Checks made out to NFAPA, PrestoPay (must register at

If you have questions, contact the NFA Gift Card Program committee.