Norwood- Fontbonne Academy Piano Recital 2022


  1. Aly Kunz- “Theme from the Opera Don Giovanni” 

  2. Brooke Riethmiller- “Romance from A Little Night Music” 

  3. Callum Smylie- “The Surprise Symphony” 

  4. Annika Andrews- “Rondeau Theme” 

  5. Leo Walters-  “Skip to My Lou”

  6. Gio Markert - “Can- Can” 

  7. Enzo Markert- “The Elephant” 

  8. Jake Smith- “Etude in C” 

  9.  Pearl McNamee- “Minuet” 

  10. Julien Simola- “March in C” 

  11. Erin Curci- “Alexander’s March” 

  12. Nicholas Cumpson- “Allemande”

  13. Alexa Riethmiller- “Sailor’s Dance” 

  14. Claire Krzywicki- “Join the Fun” 

  15. Naomi Grant- “Scherzo”

  16. Quinn Dougherty- “Egyptian Dance” 

  17. Annette Churchill- “The Blue Danube” 

  18. Matthew Louka- “Minuet in G Major”

  19. Claire Louka- “Bourree” 

  20. Evan Tornetta- “Rondino” 

  21. Ally Walters- “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2” 

  22. Annabel Tornetta- “Square Dance/Hoe- Down” 

  23. Robert Louka- “Minuet” 

  24. Gabriel Tornetta- “Spanish Dance”

  25. Stone Stefan - “Minuet in G” 

  26. Garrett Hughes- “Turkish March”