Contact Parents

A Contact Parent is the liaison between the NFA Parents' Association/Parents at Large (PALs) and the parents in your class and between the teacher and parents in the class. Duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • You will receive a class contact list from the Parents At Large as soon as it is available. Reach out to the parents of your class to introduce yourself and explain that you are the liaison between the teacher and the class parents/guardians. You may also wish to ask for core volunteers who are able to help throughout the year for classroom events/activities.
  • Reach out to the teacher(s) as soon as possible. Let him/her know that you’re the contact parent and connect with him/her on things that he/she would like help or involvement with throughout the year (classroom crafts, holiday celebrations, field trips, classroom communications etc….).  Note: for grades 4 and up, contact all homeroom teachers for the grade.    
  • Solicit and identify a host for the Adult Social which should take place by early November.  The CP may also assist the host with coordinating a date/location/food&drink assignments for the social.
  • Depending on the needs of the Mission Advancement Office, you may be called upon to identify a class parent to organize a class auction item for school-wide parent fundraiser.
  • Teacher gift collections (Christmas & End of Year):
    • Email class when you receive the Teacher Gift Letter from the NFA Parents' Association to begin the Christmas gift collection for the teachers.
    • End of year collection is not NFAPA sponsored. However, you are strongly encouraged to communicate or coordinate an effort for your class. You can do this by:
      • Collecting money yourself and putting together the teacher gift(s);
      • Find another parent to collect the money and put a gift together; or, 
  • Email teacher first week in November: “Do you want my help with Thanksgiving Outreach?”
  • Email teacher first week in December: “Do you want my help with Christmas Outreach?”
  • End of year: Identify Contact Parent for your current class for the following year (for example, the 4th grade Contact Parent should identify a Contact Parent for the following year’s 5th grade).
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