Snowball Tournament Rules


1. Seven-minute quarters—Clock stops on all whistles.

2. Two full and two 30-second timeouts per team.

3. Five personal fouls per player.

4. 7th team foul in a half = 1-and-1; 10th team foul in a half = 2
foul shots.

5. No full-court press after a 20 point differential.

6. Three-minute overtime period with 1 additional timeout per


Same as Varsity with the following exceptions:

1. Six-minute quarters—Clock stops on all whistles.

2. Full-court press only in the last 2-minutes of each half.

3. Games held in The Fontbonne Commons Gym: A back court violation will
occur when the offensive team has advanced the ball across
the half court line and subsequently crosses their defensive
end foul line during the same possession (as opposed to the
half court line).