Home Game Permission Slip



Students who wish to stay after school for a home game will need this permission slip completed by their parent/guardian so that we can be sure parents are aware that their child is staying after school for the game. By completing this permission slip, you are giving your child permission to attend a home game. Please note that 5th graders attending home games will be bused or walked up to Sister James Anthony Hall. 
If you are bringing your child to a home game, you do not need to complete this permission slip.
Please be aware that appropriate behavior is required during all school functions and all regular school rules apply during after-school functions. Your child may be required to call home and be picked up early from the game if he or she does not comply with school rules. Continued behavior may result in the student not being permitted to attend home games without a chaperone. 
Student pickup is at Sister James Anthony Hall. Please be prompt when picking up your child.
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I agree with the aforementioned expectations in the first paragraph and the guidelines outlined in NFA's Athletic Handbook.
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