Technology Mission Statement

Technology at NFA is implemented to prepare our students for the rigors of a 21st century life, enabling our students to be leaders in the workplace, the home, and our communities.

Technology shall empower our students to be a creative and positive force in our world, with a strong moral and ethical foundation centered around the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph. NFA technology will be provided in an environment that fosters growth and exploration in a safe and positive environment.


Technology Vision Statement

21st century leaders will thrive in a technology-laden environment by: 

  1. Adapting to new social and technological paradigms
  2. Demonstrating strong critical thinking abilities to discern fact from a sea of information
  3. Leveraging technology to creatively and effectively communicate new, and positive ideas

NFA students will be well-equipped to leverage technology as a force for personal, intellectual and moral growth to become a positive force in their communities.