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Welcome to Norwood-Fontbonne Academy! We offer an exceptional independent school experience deeply rooted in the Sisters of Saint Joseph’s commitment that “all may be one.” 

As a proven leader in Montessori education, NFA empowers students through its self-directed approach to learning, its diverse and inclusive community of families, and its meaningful, face-to-face service experiences.

Our two educational programs, Montessori and Primary, provide options for parents and their children who work in partnership with the school to identify the best educational path for each student’s learning style. The fundamental educational philosophy of both programs empowers students to be confident and self-aware, make reflective choices, and to take ownership of their learning, all within a spiritual environment.

In our nurturing community, students feel a strong sense of solidarity with God, their “dear neighbor,” the school, and each other as they are challenged to shape a more compassionate and socially responsible society. 

A physical representation of the school’s core strengths, the expansive 14-acre campus in the heart of historic Chestnut Hill provides students with an environment that fosters independence, openness, and active experiences. 

I invite you to visit us here at NFA, so you can experience what we do and how well we do it!

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Ryan Killeen, Ed.D.

Welcome to NFA!

Letters from the Porch

These warmer than usual days have been a treat amidst the winter doldrums. Hopefully you have been able to seize the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s a reminder how much we all need time outdoors, but no one needs or deserves it more than our children. 

As noted in this article from Harvard Medical School, outdoor play is critical for children. The health and developmental benefits cannot be underestimated. Children can improve overall health and wellness, develop cognitive and executive functions skills, grow socially, and deepen appreciation of ecology through regular, unstructured outdoor play.

Cressida Cowell shares a reflection on her own childhood in a recent New York Times piece, “I Had a Gloriously Wild Childhood, That’s Why I Wrote 'How to Train Your Dragon.'” 

She reminds us all that there is no greater canvas for creativity or lab of inquiry than the great outdoors. We all can fall into the pitfall of modern parenting which creates overscheduled, highly curated lives for our children. Warmer temperatures provide a reminder that our kids of all ages need and benefit from self-directed discovery. If you are anything like me, you probably look fondly on a childhood, with, what seemed like limitless time outside.

Ryan Killeen, Ed.D.


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