Norwood-Fontbonne Academy Announces New $100,000 Endowed Scholarship

Norwood-Fontbonne Academy Announces New $100,000 Endowed Scholarship

Norwood-Fontbonne Academy is pleased to announce the creation of the Rosaria Hosmer Endowed Scholarship in honor of beloved NFA teacher Rosaria “Roe” Hosmer, who taught at NFA for 29 years and served as a mentor to many.

Doctors Sidney Croul and Erica Bergstrom, the parents of two NFA graduates—Everett '01 and Adrianna '06—established this generous $100,000 endowed scholarship to express their appreciation for:

  • The combination of academic and values-based education that NFA provides; and
  • Roe Hosmer’s legacy as a faculty member

Doctors Croul and Bergstrom credit both their children’s personal and academic success to Mrs. Hosmer’s influence.

Roe Hosmer with students

“Throughout her tenure as a member of the Norwood-Fontbonne Academy faculty, Roe embodied the values of Norwood-Fontbonne Academy," wrote Doctors Sidney Croul and Erica Bergstrom. "Roe’s exceptional contribution was the breadth of her approach: She both taught the student and educated the child. Roe contributed her intelligence, empathy, creativity, and endless patience to her interactions with every child, striving to enable each to develop the caring, strength, and confidence that defines the truly successful adult.”

Mrs. Hosmer, aka the “Maestro of Language Arts,” began at NFA as a Montessori assistant in JLC with Sister Jean Laurich in the 1984-85 school year. She went on to teach Junior Level Montessori students for two years before moving up to fourth grade where she taught language arts as a homeroom teacher for five years. Following her time in fourth grade, Mrs. Hosmer moved up to fifth grade to teach religion and integrated language arts.

During her tenure, Mrs. Hosmer also shared her artistic talents with her after school ceramics students. She also showed her compassion by traveling to India, under the recommendation of the Bergstrom-Croul family, to share her expert teaching with those students who were not as fortunate as NFA students. That year, NFA students collected supplies and needs, which Mrs. Hosmer brought along with her on the trip. Mrs. Hosmer and her husband, Greg, are the proud parents of two NFA graduates: Christina '92 and Gregory '95.

Adrianna Bergstrom-Croul '06 described Mrs. Hosmer as a role model who was instrumental to the development of her values.

“Mrs. Hosmer treated every student as a child of God, every day,” said Adriana.

The Rosaria (Roe) Hosmer Endowed Scholarship reflects appreciation of Norwood-Fontbonne Academy and Mrs. Hosmer’s dedication to all of the children she taught at the school.