Fourth Graders Learn Important Life Skills Through Improv

On Monday, April 11, Norwood-Fontbonne Academy fourth grade students had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a workshop on team-building and conflict resolution with Will Dennis, owner of UnScripted Productions LTD. Dennis brought his expertise in education and theater to present a workshop model around the concept of improv. The workshop was organized with activities and exercises that provided opportunities where the students could implement the tenets of improv to learn from each other and their own “fumbles”:

  1. Yes, and…
  2. Make your team look good!
  3. “Fumbles” are opportunities!
  4. Bring a brick…what can you offer?

The workshop began with Dennis guiding students through a discussion to better understand what improv is; "Agreeing to create something together that’s never existed before.” Dennis told the students that he was here to have fun, and they all cheered. The fourth grade team, along with Miss Ireland will be using the learning from this week's session to help students work through conflicts and build each other up as a classroom community.

Fourth grade students certainly did have fun, but also learned a lot of applicable lessons too.

To learn more about Will Dennis’ approach to using improv in the classroom, tune into this recent interview with Mr. Dennis from NCEA’s (National Catholic Education Association) podcast. 

To learn more about Will and his work with UnScripted, check out his website here