A New Era at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy

A New Era at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy

For the first time in school history, Norwood-Fontbonne Academy has adopted an official bear mark as part of its athletic branding.

Majestic and regal, the new bear mark will soon don NFA uniforms, apparel, and athletic spaces.

NFA formally introduced this new athletics logo on October 20.

“I am so excited to see the launch of our new branding and suite of athletic logos,” said Dr. Ryan Killeen, President. “The bear may be a relatively recent adoption at NFA, but it represents a core part of our history and the student experience at NFA. Elevating and customizing that branding really celebrates our community, our students, and the rich experience of students at NFA!”

Athletics has always been woven into the fabric of Norwood-Fontbonne Academy, even dating back to the school’s humble roots as Norwood Academy. Over the years, Norwood’s programs grew as did its athletic spaces and collection of championship trophies. Scores of NFA student-athletes have gone on to shine at the high school and college level; some have even made it to the professional level.

The one missing element, though, was a lack of a consistent mark, particularly after NFA adopted the bear as its mascot in the late 1980s.

“With the 50th anniversary of the Snowball Tournament in February, and the opening of a school store, we really embraced this opportunity to celebrate and honor current and past NFA student-athletes, and celebrate our school,” said Killeen.

With the help of Nancy McDonald, principal and creative director of the Leapfrog Group, NFA crafted a suite of memorable athletic marks with a single stoic bear as its primary mark.

“When we set out on this journey, we were looking for something that would represent Bears of all ages,” said Killeen. “We wanted something that would be recognizable and that our entire community could rally around.”


“I’ve been fortunate to both play for NFA and to return as a teacher and coach,” said Jim Rockenbach ’94, Director of Athletics. “Wearing the NFA blue and gold always meant for me that you are not just one person playing a game, but rather part of a unit. This means you lose together, win together, grow together, and have fun together. Our uniforms have changed subtly over the years and I am really excited for this new chapter.”

The Bear Den, NFA’s first-ever school store, is located in the Big House on the Norwood Campus. It will open in winter of 2023. Further details will be shared soon.